Wondering If You Should Choose Permanently Attached Dentures?

Are you thinking about whether or not permanently attached dentures are a denture choice that will meet your particular needs? If you are missing many of your teeth, then getting dentures is often going to be a recommended choice. When you are missing teeth, it is not a matter of whether or not you are going to experience oral issues due to your missing teeth; it is a matter of when. Even just one missing tooth can lead to your experiencing some additional oral problems, making it necessary to make an appointment with a dental professional to address any missing teeth you may have.

Permanent vs. removable dentures

Choosing new dentures should not be a quick decision. There are different denture options available nowadays to choose from and anyone who is in need of getting dentures should thoroughly explore all of their denture choices. One of the decisions new denture wearers need to make is whether to get permanent dentures or removable dentures. Of course, an experienced dentist will need to first perform an evaluation in order to let the patient know what their denture choices are going to be.

What are permanent dentures? Permanent dentures are also known as implant supported dentures. The reason this type of denture is known as a permanent denture is that dental implants are used to hold the dentures in place.

What are removable dentures? Removable dentures are dentures that can be taken out of someone’s mouth whenever they want. This type of denture uses special denture adhesives to hold them in place and are worn all day but must be taken out at night when sleeping.

Why choose permanently attached dentures?

One of the main benefits that come with choosing dentures is that they are a permanent tooth replacement option, which means that they support dental patients bone health. Once someone loses a tooth, there is no longer a tooth root growing into the jawbone in that area, which is eventually going to lead to their experiencing jaw bone loss. Another primary benefit is that permanent dentures do not move around in the mouth as removable dentures can.

Have any questions about dentures?

We welcome any denture questions you have! If you are currently thinking that permanently attached dentures might be a good fit for you and need a little bit more information, we invite you to call us now so we can provide you with that information. It is vital for you to have a full set of teeth in your mouth so your oral health can be in tip-top shape. Ready to start your journey to good oral health? Contact us today and let us guide you in making the best decision for your oral health and teeth!

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