What Are Dental Implants for Dentures?

What Are Dental Implants for Dentures?

Thinking about getting dental implants for dentures? If you are considering getting implant-supported dentures, then you will first need dental implants placed into your mouth. While there are other types of dentures available today, including traditional dentures that have been so popular over the years, more and more people are opting to get implant-supported dentures due to the many benefits.

What are dental implants for dentures?

So, what exactly are dental implants for dentures? Dental implants are made to resemble the natural root of a tooth and are surgically inserted into a patient’s jaw in order to hold their dentures in place. Because the implants are surgically attached to the dental patient’s jaw, they will not experience the bone loss that happens when choosing traditional dentures. An experienced dentist will decide where exactly to place the implants, of which each dental patient may require as few as two implants per jawbone.

The implant-supported dentures will connect to the dental implants, allowing wearers to easily and remove the dentures. Because the dentures are securely connected to the implants, wearers do not have to be afraid that they will move around or fall out of their mouth.

Full mouth rehabilitation

When someone is missing many of their teeth or experiencing various types of tooth damages, they just may be in need of a full mouth rehabilitation in order for them to get back to their good overall dental health. It really is important for everyone to take good care of their dental health; otherwise, they may experience problems with their general health as well. Dentures are one of the many options available when it comes to replacing missing teeth. Due to many recent advances in the field of dentistry, today’s dental patients will be happy to know that there are denture options available that will allow them to once again have a happy, healthy mouth.

Thinking you need a full mouth reconstruction?

Still have questions about the process of getting dental implants for dentures? If you do, simply give us a call. Your first appointment will involve you and one of our caring dentists discussing your overall dental health needs, which will allow them to then make a treatment plan for you. You will have a say in the types of treatments you want to have, and the dentist will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Ready to get started? Call us right now so you can be on your way to dental health!

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