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Missing most or all your teeth puts significant strain on your ability to function, remain healthy, and feel confident. For many patients in your situation, our team at Preferred Dental Center recommends full mouth dental implants as not only the ideal solution but the one that can offer the most life-changing results. 

The only permanent option, dental implants restore function for eating, natural smile aesthetics, and your long-term quality of life. If you’re considering this option, you may have questions about full mouth dental implants, especially how much they cost. As a lifetime purchase, it’s important to know how much you’ll be spending on treatment and what will be included in the cost.

Many techniques, technologies, and materials exist that clinicians can use to place and restore full arch dental implants, and not all are created equal. With over 35 years of experience placing and restoring thousands of dental implants, we know the protocols, technology, and materials that help us provide a truly outstanding outcome. 

As a result, our team at Preferred Dental Center can offer full mouth dental implants in San Antonio, TX that adhere to the highest standard of quality, while remaining at a preferred cost for you. 

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Understanding the Cost of Our Treatment

Our price for full mouth dental implant treatment begins at $12,995 for full mouth dental implants with a premier solution starting at $21,995 for a fixed zirconia bridge

All our patients receive a free dental implant consultation, CT scan, and treatment plan from our implant dentist, Dr. Andres Biaggi, which will determine your expected treatment cost. 

This includes four dental implants, custom abutments, guided implant surgery, a provisional set of teeth, the final restoration, and our 10-year warranty that covers chips, cracks, breaks, or failed dental implants. 

In some cases, Dr. Biaggi recommends placing five or six dental implants instead of the typical four. These will increase stability and longevity of your treatment and will also be included in your original price.   

We’re always upfront about your oral health situation and the cost of your personalized treatment, along with our recommendations for financing through Proceed Finance, LendingClub, or CareCredit®. We complete both the surgical and restorative phases of your treatment at Preferred Dental Center, so you won’t have to juggle visiting multiple offices or paying separate fees from multiple specialists. 

Our team can help you find a solution to make your treatment affordable, no matter your financial situation or budget.

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Dental implants are a lifetime investment in your health, function, and quality of life. Avoid the common mistakes people make when considering implants by following our recommendations.

Comparing Your Full Arch Options

Your options for full mouth dental implants in San Antonio, TX are based on your preferences, goals, and budget. If you want to stabilize a loose denture and have greater function for eating, we can support your teeth with four dental implants. 

If you desire a permanent, non-removable set of teeth that provides lasting function and aesthetics, we offer a fixed zirconia bridge attached to four or more dental implants. We encourage you to consider all your options, then schedule your consultation to learn more and receive a CT scan and custom treatment plan with our recommendations.

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Removable Full Mouth Dental Implants

Fixed Full Mouth Dental Implants

Dr. Biaggi Talks About Two Options for Replacing Your Frustrating Dentures

Our Premium Treatment Process

Your Consultation

Your treatment for full mouth dental implants begins with a complimentary consultation and CT scan; we think everyone deserves to learn about their options for a complete and life-changing smile.

During this appointment, we’ll complete an evaluation and provide you with a personalized treatment plan and cost. There are no hidden fees here! We can also help you apply for financing, a fast and easy process that provides custom monthly payment options based on your budget.

Precise Placement

Before you return for your surgical appointment, we’ll digitally plan your entire treatment in our sophisticated software for optimal positioning of the implants and fit of your restoration.

We use the X-Guide® system from X-Nav Technologies to complete all our surgeries. This protocol relies on dynamic 3D navigation and step-by-step virtual guidance when placing dental implants in your jawbone. With such absolute precision, we can guarantee a virtually error-free procedure that allows us to immediately load a provisional during the same appointment while you’re relaxed with sedation.

You’ll leave our office with a set of functional, attractive teeth!

Final Smile

You can choose to remain in this provisional for the healing period of your treatment (3+ months) or for the next 12-18 months to phase out treatment costs before you receive your final restoration.

For the removable solution, this is often a modified denture with special attachments that allow you to “snap” it in and out of your mouth for easy maintenance.

For our fixed full mouth dental implants in San Antonio, TX, we provide a long-lasting zirconia bridge. In his decades of clinical experience, Dr. Biaggi has found this material to be superior in terms of function and aesthetics.

Your new smile will be stable and strong, with a natural beauty that perfectly complements your facial features. Expect a return of reliable function and the confidence you need to truly live life again!

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