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Our Dental Implant Guarantee

Most people wouldn’t consider making an investment if there wasn’t a guarantee or warranty. We don’t believe it should be any different with dental implants. While most dental practices don’t offer any type of warranty on their implant treatment, our team at Preferred Dental Center does! All our dental implants come with a 10-year dental implant warranty in San Antonio, TX that fully covers treatment for chips, cracks, breaks, and failed dental implants. That means that for the next decade after your treatment we’ll take care of most problems free of charge. Dental implants are a lifetime investment, and we want you to feel confident that you made the right choice—both to receive this life-changing solution and complete your treatment at Preferred Dental Center.

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Ensuring a Favorable Outcome

With over 35 years of experience placing thousands of dental implants, our dentist Dr. Andres Biaggi knows which technology and materials produce the best clinical outcomes. We complete every treatment digitally and use CT scans and the X-Guide® dynamic 3D navigation system to minimize error during surgery. Our dental implant systems can be customized and are scientifically proven to last and withstand the natural forces of eating. We only use top-grade materials, including zirconia for fixed bridges for its incredible durability, resistance to bacteria, and naturally tooth-colored appearance. All phases of your treatment are completed at Preferred Dental Center by Dr. Biaggi, from extraction to the final restoration, to ensure the quality and success of your treatment.

Success Is Partly in Your Hands

Studies consistently show that dental implants have a high success rate. However, the same risk factors for natural teeth are still present with implants and can affect their longevity. Our dental implant warranty in San Antonio, TX not only helps guarantee greater treatment success but is here to help ensure you’re doing your part to maintain good health. Smoking, a lack of oral hygiene, or poor physical health can all negatively affect your investment. Creating the healthiest environment for your new smile and maintaining routine professional treatment is in your hands. Together, you and our team can help ensure that your dental implant investment lasts for the rest of your life!

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