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In years past, the only option available to patients who had lost most or all their teeth was a denture. With today’s modern advancements and over three decades of experience in implant dentistry, our dentist Dr. Andres Biaggi can offer you alternative solutions with dental implants to permanently restore your health and quality of life! Our full mouth tooth replacement options both involve removing any remaining natural teeth and replacing them with a new set of teeth. However, you can choose between our removable full arch solution or fixed dental implants in San Antonio, TX. These options all come with their own benefits, drawbacks, and price points so it’s important to understand what to expect with each. To help make your decision easier, we can offer you a free consultation and CT scan, which will help us develop a custom treatment plan that fits your preferences, goals, and budget.

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Your options for replacing a full arch of missing or failing teeth fall into two categories: removable and fixed. Removable options include a traditional denture, or an implant supported denture. A traditional denture’s artificial teeth are made from acrylic and it does not use dental implants. Our full arch removable solution involves snapping a high-quality denture to four dental implants using locators or a bar attachment. These dentures are stabilized while in your mouth for biting and chewing but can be removed for easy cleaning. Our fixed dental implants in San Antonio, TX involve permanently securing a zirconia bridge of teeth onto 4-6 implants around your jaw. These teeth restore over 98% function for eating and look and feel like healthy natural teeth. You can expect the following outcomes of each treatment option:

Traditional Dentures

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Full Arch Removable Teeth

Full Arch Fixed Teeth

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Choose 35 Years of Implant Dentistry Experience

Having placed thousands of dental implants in his 35 years of clinical experience, Dr. Biaggi only selects the technologies and materials proven to provide the most outstanding results. He conveniently places and restores your full mouth dental implants at Preferred Dental Center and is in full control of the treatment planning, surgery, and restorative phases of your treatment. Additionally, the treatment protocols he’s developed over the decades as an implant dentist allow us to provide superior quality care while offering a preferred cost for our treatments. As a result, Dr. Biaggi has become one of the preferred implant dentists in the San Antonio, TX area! Our team has what it takes to provide comprehensive care and an amazing result, with a 10-year dental implant warranty to back our work.

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Preferred Pricing with a 10-Year Warranty

Our pricing to replace a full smile begins at $12,995 for our full arch removable solution and $21,995 for our fixed dental implants in San Antonio, TX. Your dental implant cost is determined by your custom treatment plan, which we provide as part of our free consultation with a CT scan. The cost of your treatment includes dental implants, custom abutments, surgery, provisional, final restoration, and a 10-year warranty that covers chips, cracks, breaks, or failed dental implants. Our treatments do not include any hidden fees, and we’ll be upfront about the additional costs if you need tooth extractions, bone grafting, or sedation. However, we can still offer cost savings when compared to other implant centers while providing a significantly more personalized and quality treatment that meets your specifications, health goals, and budget. We encourage you to contact us today to schedule your free dental implant consultation for your treatment plan and to discuss financing options.

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