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Pain-Free Soft Tissue Treatment

Dr. Biaggi Talks Laser Treatment for Gum Disease

The Power of Laser Dentistry

In years past, the only treatment option for soft tissue concerns such as gum disease or a “gummy” smile required scalpels and incisions. The pain or discomfort often associated with these procedures can be a significant cause of anxiety for many patients. To mitigate your fears and to provide you with a more comfortable, pain-free experience, our team at Preferred Dental Center offers laser dentistry in San Antonio, TX. Laser dentistry is the minimally invasive alternative to conventional soft tissue treatment that relies on the power and precision of our Waterlase dental laser. Guided by our trained dentist, Dr. Andres Biaggi, your treatment will be efficient, precise, and more comfortable than conventional solutions. For the soft tissue treatments you’ve been putting off due to fear or recovery time, we welcome you to our office for fast, minimally invasive laser dentistry!

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Benefiting from Minimally Invasive Treatment

We offer laser dentistry to treat a variety of soft tissue concerns, from gum disease and peri-implantitis to “gummy” smiles and tongue-tie and lip-tie. Our Waterlase dental laser works by emitting a powerful and targeted beam of laser energy to gently vaporize soft tissues while minimizing pain, bleeding, and swelling. In addition to being significantly less invasive, it’s much easier for us to treat the affected tissues precisely and quickly with a greater level of predictability. Since many of our soft tissue treatments are aesthetic, having this level of precision ensures we’re providing more attractive and natural-looking outcomes while minimizing discomfort and anxiety. You’ll benefit from our laser dentistry in San Antonio, TX in the following ways:

Our Laser Dentistry Procedures

Scaling & Root Planing

The first non-surgical treatment for gum disease, scaling and root planing cleans the surfaces of the teeth at and below the gumline where the tissues have receded.

Laser Gum Surgery

During laser gum surgery, the laser is used to access the pockets around teeth and vaporize infected tissues and bacteria. Once calculus on the teeth has been removed, the laser energy can stimulate healthy clotting to seal the tissues around the tooth roots.

Periodontal Maintenance

Once active treatment has gum disease under control, a custom periodontal maintenance program helps to maintain healthy gums by cleaning the periodontal pockets of bacteria and calculus.

Crown Lengthening

For a “gummy” smile or teeth that are susceptible to decay, crown lengthening removes a portion of the gum tissues and bone to create a healthier, more aesthetic smile.


For uneven smiles that need gum recontouring, a gingivectomy removes excess gum tissue to recreate a more symmetrical and even gum line.


Peri-implantitis, or infection of the gum tissues around a dental implant, is treated by using a dental laser to clear bacteria and diseased tissue around the implant. After calculus is removed, the laser energy produces a clot to seal tissues around the implant.


For tongue-tie and lip-tie, a laser frenectomy (or tongue-tie and lip-tie revision) gently removes and cauterizes the tissue (frenulum) to restore proper movement of the tongue and upper lip.

Dr. Biaggi Talks About An Immediate Fix for a Gummy Smile

Avoid scalpel-based treatment.

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