What is a Full Arch Restoration?

What is a Full Arch Restoration?

A fixed full-arch restoration is an ultimate answer when it comes to dental problems such as when your teeth are missing either from the lower or upper arch. There is nothing like having a beautiful smile.

Full restorations are preferred as the treatment of choice as it is not only permanent, but the outcome feels and functions just like natural teeth. This restoration can be done by combining custom bridgework with implants.

Fixed full arch restoration procedure

The first step for most reconstructive dental procedures is an evaluation of the patient’s mouth to determine the right course of treatment. This includes the number, size, and shape of the prosthetic teeth that are needed for the patient.

Once the implants are installed, they will act as the new tooth roots. The implants will be given time to fuse with the jawbone. The process is called osseointegration. Temporary crowns are sometimes fitted on the implants they merge with the patient’s jawbone.

After four to six months, the temporary implant crowns are removed. This is followed by the installation of the final bridge, which will be permanently secured in the patient’s mouth. The outcome is a fully restored and natural-looking smile.

Benefits of a fixed full-arch restoration

This procedure comes with many advantages. Some of these include:

  • The implant-borne fixed arch treatment is a hard and stable solution that can take care of a patients dental issues for an entire lifetime.
  • They can be used to chew and speak just like the natural teeth.
  • The patient’s facial appearance is retained, and bone loss is prevented.
  • The patient’s quality of life and self-confidence are restored.
  • The patient ends up with a beautiful smile.
  • This is an alternative type of treatment that involves reduced effort, time and money. The patient experiences minimal to no pain.
  • Taking care of the artificial teeth is the same as taking care of natural teeth.

If you are having dental issues that are dampening your spirit and ruining your smile, do not hesitate to try out this restoration. Considered to be the ultimate choice regarding the short time it takes to install and heal, it is also preferred because it costs less than dental implants.

The final outcome is a set of healthy-looking teeth. The artificial teeth feel and work just like natural ones. The procedure for brushing and flossing is the same as the natural teeth. Confidence is restored, and you are assured of the implants staying in place for an entire lifetime when good oral hygiene is practiced. Unlike denture wearers, those who opt for fixed bridges will not have to worry about their devices falling out when performing simple tasks like speaking and talking.

Bridges allow you to forget about the fact you no longer have all your natural teeth since you regain all lost function. Wondering if you are a great candidate for a fixed bridge? Contact one of our dentists today!

Ready to learn about your options?

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