Full Arch Fixed Dental Implant Bridge for Mouth Rehabilitation

Looking for a little more information on a full arch fixed dental implant bridge? There are many dental options available nowadays for those who are missing teeth, and this is one that is commonly chosen. It is necessary for you to find a tooth replacement option that will meet your particular needs when you are missing one or more of your teeth. The empty spaces where the teeth used to be may cause you to have mouth issues.

What does mouth rehabilitation mean?

When someone is in need of mouth rehabilitation services, also known as mouth restoration services, it means they are in need of one or more dental services that can help restore their mouth so it can once again be healthy. Each dental patient is different, which means everyone will receive their own treatment plan created by an experienced dentist.

Full arch fixed dental implant bridge

A fixed dental implant bridge is a common dental procedure used for those who are not missing all their teeth. When someone still has teeth in their mouth that are considered to be healthy, instead of pulling these and replacing them with dentures, a fixed dental bridge can be used, which connects to the healthy teeth. An experienced dentist will first perform an overall examination of the mouth in order to determine where the dental implants should go. The next appointment will involve getting the dental implants installed, and the details for making the bridge will also be gathered at this time. Once the dental implant bridge is made, it will be permanently fixed to the dental implants, allowing the patient to once again have a healthy mouth, as they now have a full set of teeth.

Need more information?

Got questions about a full arch fixed dental implant bridge? Or any other type of dental service you think you need be in need of, so you can once again be in good oral health? We would love to hear from you! Our caring team of dental professionals are always available for patients. We invite you to simply call us at your convenience so we can assist you with any of your dental needs. Know that when your oral health is not as good as it should be, it will eventually begin to affect your overall general health. So, be sure not to wait any longer, as now is the time for you to get a treatment plan made for your good oral health. Hope to hear from you soon!

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