How Should I Care For My Loose Tooth?

Loose ToothPermanent teeth can loosen and eventually fall out of the mouth. Anything from an injury to gum disease, strained gum ligaments, gum swelling and teeth grinding can cause the loosening of an adult tooth. Here is exactly how you should proceed in the event of a loose tooth.

Get to the Dentist Right Away

If you have a loose tooth, visit with your dentist as soon as possible so the problem does not get any worse. Do not assume the loose tooth will require considerable dental work. Though it is possible such extensive work might be necessary, in most instances the tooth can be tended to with a fairly simple treatment or procedure. Visiting with the dentist at the first sign of a loose tooth will enhance your oral health that much more for the long haul. Once you make it to the dentist's office for an analysis of your tooth, listen closely to this oral health expert's advice and follow it right down to the very last detail.

Leave the Tooth Alone

Do not pick or pull at the tooth. If you move the tooth with your tongue or press against it with a finger, it will make the problem that much worse. If you find out the tooth will have to be pulled, do not attempt to pull it on your own. A DIY (do it yourself) attempt to pull a tooth can lead to an infection as well as considerable bleeding. Furthermore, there is a chance a portion of the tooth or a root will break off within the socket. Let your dentist handle the extraction and any other treatments or procedures required.

Keep the Area Clean

Do your best to keep the loose tooth as clean as possible. Keep in mind you can't floss or brush this tooth as you would your normal teeth. Rinse your mouth with mouthwash or water to clear away any leftover particles of food.

Try to Consume Soft Food

If you bite down into a hard food like a pretzel or apple, it will loosen the tooth that much more. Do not chew gum, eat popcorn, cotton candy, nuts or anything else sticky or crunchy.

Treatment Options for a Loose Tooth

The optimal form of treatment hinges on the cause of the loose tooth. Treatment options include deep cleanings, the replacement of the tooth with a dental implant and tooth splinting. Tooth splinting involves a bonding of the loose tooth with surrounding teeth.

A deep cleaning has the potential to improve the gums' grip on the loose tooth. Gum disease is one of the top causes of loose teeth. It leads to the formation of pockets of infection between the gums and teeth, forcing the gums to recede. Receding gums cause teeth to loosen. A deep cleaning clears away the infection, providing the gums with the opportunity to heal and tighten up their grip on the loose tooth.

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