Why Zirconia Implants Might be Best for You

Zirconia implants are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Some would say this is a result of patients becoming increasingly concerned about the materials that are put inside their bodies and its effects on their general health.

Generally speaking, patients want the least toxic and least reactive materials inserted into their bodies. Other characteristics like success rates and successful insertion also affect the materials patients decide to use.

The trend in modern dentistry is to avoid putting metallic objects in the body. When it comes to implants, zirconia is a non-metal alternative to titanium which has become the standard when it comes to implants.

Are Zirconia implants better than titanium ones?

Implants are dental prosthetics that are used to replace missing natural teeth. Titanium implants have been the norm since the 1960s and these devices have been very successful over the years. Implants are one of the most successful dental prosthetics in medical history with a 97 percent long-term success rate.

Zirconia implants have been used as an alternative to titanium since 1987, and it is starting to pick up some traction as an increasing number of people become interested in holistic dentistry.

Zirconia implants are made from non-metallic ceramics. The material has a similar color to natural teeth, and it offers many of the same advantages titanium implants provide.

Important features of zirconia implants

To make it easier for patients to decide what material they want their implants made out of, here are some key features of dental implants made from zirconia:

1. Great option for those allergic to titanium

It is extremely rare for patients to be allergic to titanium, but that remains one of the most prominent fears patients have when considering implants. Only about 0.6 percent of patients end up reacting negatively to titanium implants.

2. Complicates the healing process

Implants made from zirconia cannot heal underneath the gums. The single piece design of these implants complicates the recovery process since there is no movable abutment. Microcracks can propagate when a zirconia implant is moved after insertion. That means those who opt for implants made from zirconia should have enough healthy bone tissue for a secure foundation.

3. More likely to crack

Implants made from zirconium are more likely to crack than their titanium counterparts. Zirconium can be quite harsh when it comes to compression forces, but it reacts poorly to elastic forces. Teeth are exposed to compression and elastic forces when performing simple activities like eating and speaking. For example, eating sticky foods exerts significant amounts of elastic forces on a person's tooth.

4. Can only be cemented in

Unlike traditional implants which can be screwed in or fastened, zirconia implants can only be held in place with dental cement. This means that the crown must be attached to the abutment with cement. Dental cement can lead to issues like gum inflammation when it seeps into the gum line after application. Cement can also serve as a haven for bacteria that lead to oral problems like tooth decay and gum disease.

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