Why Is Tooth Root Replacement Important?

Wondering if you are in need of a tooth root replacement? If you have lost one or more of your natural teeth, then you definitely need to fill up the empty space or your dental health will be affected. Once you lose one of your teeth, the proper alignment of your teeth will be altered. The rest of your teeth will begin to move and shift, which will eventually cause you various problems when it comes to performing everyday functions like eating and talking.

Missing a tooth replacement options

What are options available today that are commonly used to replace teeth? Dental crowns, dental bridges and partial dentures are commonly used when someone is missing one or more of their teeth. But these replacement options do not focus on the root of the tooth and instead only fill up the empty spaces in between the teeth, which does help keep the other teeth in their correct position. When it comes to replacing a tooth that involves recreating a natural tooth root, then dental implants are the most commonly used solution.

Why is tooth root replacement important?

Replacing a missing tooth should be done as soon as possible after the tooth is lost. While there are replacement options for missing teeth that do not involve replacing the root, when root replacement procedures are used, the jawbone will not begin to deteriorate in that area.

According to the American Dental Association, dental implants are an effective way to replace missing teeth.

Consequences of missing teeth

The consequences that come with having missing teeth and not replacing them in a timely manner include experiencing misalignment problems and being at a higher risk that additional teeth will also be lost. Understand that when misalignment problems exist, there will be a higher chance of being diagnosed with jaw-related problems, e.g., headaches, grinding teeth, facial pain and vertigo.

Ready to have one or more of your teeth replaced?

Have any questions about tooth root replacement? If you happen to be missing any teeth, you do have replacement options available to you, which can fully be discussed during your first initial consultation appointment. It is important to understand your options when you are missing teeth so you can be fully informed when it comes to your good dental health. Ready to find out what your replacement options are so you can have better dental health?

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