Why Implant Supported Dentures Are Often Used on the Lower Jaw

Implant supported dentures make life a lot easier when you find yourself missing a majority of your natural teeth. The transition to dental prosthetics like dentures can be an unnerving experience for many people.

It really should be not that way though. Getting missing teeth replaced with a prosthetic makes it possible for the patient to go back to living life like they usually would. The person will regain the ability to chew, speak and smile just like they did when they still had all of their natural teeth. This often leads to a confidence boss as the patient no longer has to worry about what others think about the condition of their teeth.

Why implant supported dentures are great for the lower jaw

Dentures come with a full host of issues, but most of these are relegated to the lower jaw. Suction forces tend to do a better job of keeping upper jaw dentures firmly in place. It is the lower half of the dentures that often causes problems for many wearers. The lower portion tends to move around in the person's mouth, and that often leads to mouth sores. Some patients even stop wearing their lower dentures simply because of all the issues it comes with it.

That is where denture implants come in.

With implants, patients can now have the lower portion of their dentures firmly secured with implants. This eliminates a majority of the problems associated with implants. The prosthetic stays in place once attached to the implant, and it no longer has to be taken out at night for cleaning or soaking in denture solution.

That is starkly different from a lower set of traditional dentures which is held in place with the aid of dental adhesives and gravity. It is the loose fit of lower dentures that makes them so problematic at times.

What to expect when getting implant supported dentures

Patients might be surprised to find out that getting implant supported dentures is a relatively straightforward procedure. It starts with an examination to determine if the patient has enough healthy jawbone tissue to support four to six implants. Once the patient has been deemed eligible, the dentist will surgically insert these implants into the patient's jaw. The implants are then given a period of three to seven months to fuse with the bone tissue it is placed on. The process is called osseointegration.

Temporary prosthetics are sometimes placed on the implants when they are installed to improve the appearance of the person's smile. The implants are often metal rods or screws that are made out of titanium, but other materials like zirconium can be used as well.

Once the implant is fully healed, a set of dentures is permanently attached to them. This option eliminates the frustration of traditional dentures that come with tiring cleaning routines. These do not require specialized cleaning or soaking in denture solution. Cleaning them just like one would clean natural teeth is enough to maintain good oral hygiene.

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