Need Dental Full Mouth Rehabilitation? About Bar Retained Implant Supported Dentures

Need Dental Full Mouth Rehabilitation? About Bar Retained Implant Supported Dentures

In need of a full mouth rehabilitation and bar retained implant supported dentures is one of your options? Firstly, good for you for taking the steps necessary so you can once again be in good oral health. The longer you wait, the more difficult the process will be when it comes to a full mouth rehabilitation. The sooner you can get to a dentist so they can create a treatment plan for your full mouth rehabilitation needs, the better! There are simply too many modern dental options available nowadays for you not have a full set of teeth, which basically ensures your good overall oral health.

Why a dental full mouth rehabilitation?

A dental full mouth rehabilitation is necessary for those who are experiencing multiple mouth issues. Many people choose to not make a dentist appointment as soon as they begin to experience dental issues. It may be because they are busy or simply do not like going to the dentist. Whatever the reason, when people do not go to their dentist on a regular basis, they are likely to experience a variety of dental issues. And when they do not seek dental assistance as soon as they begin to experience these dental problems, then the issues only continue to get worse.

About bar retained implant supported dentures

So, what exactly does bar retained dentures supported by dental implants mean? The process starts with the patient having four dental implants installed into their jawbone, which has already been predetermined by the dentist. Once the dental implants have healed, a specially made bar made for the patient will be connected to the implants, making for a permanent installation. The dentures are made to specifically connect to the bar, giving confidence to wearers that the dentures will always stay exactly in their place.

The entire process generally takes anywhere between three and five months to perform.

Got full mouth reconstruction questions?

Want more information on bar retained implant supported dentures? If you think that this denture option is good for you, then we ask that you give us a call so we can schedule an appointment. One of our caring dentists will perform a mouth evaluation so they can then let you know what your denture options are. When you are missing multiple teeth, we know that it can be difficult for you to get through your day. Please know that you have options! We hope you will give us a call soon so we can assist you with your full mouth rehabilitation needs.

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