LANAP – Laser Dentistry: What Is Laser Gum Surgery?

LANAP – Laser Dentistry: What Is Laser Gum Surgery?

Laser dentistry can help to address many oral health problems, including gum disease. It is a minimally invasive and viable option when you are facing gum surgery or other oral health issues. If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, you should consider the various treatment options. There are different types of treatments and procedures available that can help to eradicate the disease. But each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Laser dentistry

Gum or periodontal disease is a common condition that affects many individuals. Treatment for the condition depends on several aspects. These include the type and severity of the disease. Physically removing bacteria, calculus, and plaque from underneath the gums is often beneficial.

It is the only way to stop or even reverse the effects of periodontal disease. Several gum treatment procedures can help to remove harmful bacteria. Scaling and root planing followed by gum or osseous surgery are effective ways of removing plaque and calculus. The dentist can determine the ideal way to treat gum disease. More and more dentists use laser dentistry to treat gum disease because of its benefits.

Laser gum surgery

Before laser gum treatment, dentists used more invasive methods of treating periodontal disease. A scalpel was used to cut into the gums to access the affected area. Dentists then scraped off bacteria and the diseased tissue with the scalpel. A general anesthetic was required for the procedure due to the pain. Good tissue was usually destroyed in the process.

A more modern approach for treating gum disease is by a minimally invasive procedure referred to as LANAP®. It is also commonly referred to as laser gum surgery or laser periodontal surgery. Laser gum surgery involves the use of a specific laser. During the procedure, the laser is used to remove harmful bacteria as well as the affected tissue from the deep pockets between the gums and the teeth.

These pockets encourage bacteria to manifest and grow. The laser kills the bacteria without the need of cutting the tissue. This allows a provider to preserve natural tissue which speeds healing. After the procedure, the gum pockets will improve naturally. The teeth will also become more stable.

Benefits of laser gum surgery

Laser gum surgery offers a host of advantages. It provides a more painless and comfortable experience for patients. No scalpel is used during the procedure, so patients do not need sutures. Patients also usually experience minimal post-operative discomfort. This procedure is regarded to be more effective than traditional gum surgery.

A good solution for you

Laser dentistry is a convenient and good solution to many oral and dental health problems. Dental lasers provide many benefits, which is why they are used for many gum disease treatments. Laser gum surgery is an effective treatment option for gum disease. Contact your provider to learn more about laser gum surgery and how it can improve your oral health. Be sure to ask about the possible risks associated with the procedure as well as the potential benefits.

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