Is TeethXpress® In San Antonio, TX, An Immediate Load Tooth Replacement Option?

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When people have missing teeth or are tired of dealing with their unstable and uncomfortable traditional dentures, it can prevent them from living their life normally. Luckily there is a way for people to get new teeth in just one day. At a skilled and trusted doctor’s practice, TeethXpress® in San Antonio, TX is an immediate load tooth replacement option.


Rady to learn about how TeethXpress® is an immediate load tooth replacement option? Continue reading to find out more about how TeethXpress is an immediate load tooth replacement option.

How Is TeethXpress In San Antonio, TX AN Immediate Load Tooth Replacement Option?

TeethXpress are Immediate load dental implants because they are made up of dental implant posts that are surgically placed in the patient’s jawbone so that they can stabilize a dental prosthesis in place, all in one appointment. This means that patients can walk into the dental office to get four to six dental implants placed in their arch, and then walk out a few hours later with a full set of working replacement teeth.

How Will The TeethXpress Immediate Load Tooth Replacement Option Benefit Me?

With TeethXpress, patients who have been living for years without fully functioning natural teeth can improve their health in many ways. TeethXpress dental implants are sturdy and dependable, enabling patients to eat a wider range of foods again. They are also fixed in place, meaning they never have to be removed for maintenance, sanitization, or storage.


TeethXpress dental implants are also beneficial because they stimulate the patient’s jawbone, just like natural teeth would. With TeethXpress, the patient’s jawbone will continue to regenerate itself, so it does not shrink and weaken.


Can Anyone Be Treated With TeethXpress?

Many patients who are struggling with missing teeth, hopeless teeth, or removable dentures can qualify for TeethXpress. Some may need other treatments before undergoing the TeethXpress surgical procedure. For instance, it is not unusual for patients to require a tooth extraction treatment to make way for their immediate load TeethXpress dental implants.

See Us Now so We Can Give You The New Smile Of Your Dreams With TeethXpress

To find out more about TeethXpress and other types of implant dentistry procedures we can perform, you should come to our caring, advanced, and dedicated dental practice. With the latest techniques and technologies, we can accurately place your TeethXpress so that they give you reliable and predictable results for years to come.


Why wait to improve the look, function, and health of your smile with us? Get in contact with Dr. Andres Biaggi and our exceptional team at our Preferred dental Center practice to schedule an appointment today!


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