Fixed Bridges for Front Teeth

Dental Bridge

Wondering if a fixed bridge is a tooth replacement option that will work for you? If you happen to be missing one of your front teeth, you probably feel self-conscious. Whether you are missing teeth because they did not receive the necessary and proper dental care or because you experienced some form of trauma, it truly is necessary for you to find a tooth replacement option so you can once again smile with confidence.

What is a fixed bridge?

So, what exactly is a fixed bridge? A dental bridge that is fixed is a dental appliance that is made to fit over neighboring teeth to hold it securely in place, with the middle part being the part where a dentist can add a new tooth or teeth. One of the many benefits of using dental bridges is that when the end parts are placed over neighboring teeth, there is no need for a dentist to make any adjustments to the teeth to make sure the bridge fits. Instead, the end piece, also called a cap, is simply used over the teeth, which means that the natural tooth underneath is not compromised in any way.

Fixed bridges for front teeth

Tooth-supported fixed bridges for front teeth are quite common among today’s dental patients because they are a permanent tooth replacement option and the process does not require them to have any type of dental surgery. Another reason these type of fixed bridges are commonly chosen for replacing someone’s missing front teeth is because the dentist will be sure to match the new tooth to the rest of the teeth, making for a completely natural look and overall smile.

Implant-supported fixed bridges are also available. Because implant-supported fixed bridges require surgery, dental patients who are looking to avoid surgery often choose the tooth-supported fixed bridge option.

Got questions?

Do you currently have any questions about how a fixed bridge can help if you happen to be missing any front teeth? Know that there are solutions available when you are missing teeth. By making an appointment with one of our caring dentists, you can be on your way to getting any empty spaces you have in your mouth filled with new teeth. There are indeed options available when you are missing teeth, and we hope you will let us help you get back your smile, which can often be done in only two dental appointments. Ready to find out what your tooth replacement options are going to be? Call us now, we are here for you!

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