Mouth Guards in San Antonio, TX: Interesting Facts

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If there is a thing that athletes involved in contact sports cannot live without, it is their mouth guards. The teeth protector serves as a shield that guards the teeth against possible impacts. While an injury is a part of the game, it always pays to take preventive measures, especially when it comes to the overall oral health. If you are looking for a mouth guard provider in San Antonio, TX, we at Preferred Dental Center are here!


Mouth Guard

Mouth Guard Facts

The teeth protector has a notable history

  • It was in the year 1890 that the first mouth guard was developed. Woolf Krause, a London Dentist, made it possible.
  • The original term used for mouth guard was “Gum Shield”.
  • Teeth protectors are specifically created for boxers, but during the 1960s, the American Dental Association introduced the use of mouth guards in all contact sports.
  • The material utilized to fabricate the first mouth guard is gutta percha.
  • It was believed that the promotion of mouth guards in the past years had lead to a decrease in the number of dental injuries.

Mouth guards have amazing benefits

  • As its name implies, mouth guards aim to protect the teeth and avoid trauma, tooth loss, or chipping.
  • The teeth protector is also beneficial to those with an orthodontic appliance in the mouth. It helps prevent damage to the braces and also eliminate the possibility of ripped soft tissues due to the brackets and wires.
  • The oral device reduces the wearer’s likelihood of spending a significant amount of money for dental restorations in the long run.
  • The protective device allows athletes to play inside the court without risking their oral structures.
  • Custom-made mouth guards offer long-lasting protection to the wearer. They fit perfectly in the mouth for total comfort.

There are three types of mouth guards

  • Stock mouth guard follows the concept of “one size fits all.” Despite its availability and affordability, we do not recommend this kind of teeth protector to athletes as it offers minimal protection to the teeth.
  • Boil and bite is another type of teeth protector that can be bought in various sporting good stores. Compared to stock mouth guards, boil and bite provide a much better fit as it is molded in the mouth of the wearer. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee an ultra shield to the teeth as well.
  • Custom-made mouth guard, on the other hand, is tailored by dental professionals. Among the three options, this type of teeth protector is the most ideal, effective, and reliable.


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