How to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery

How to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery

Looking for a little more information on dental implant surgery? Good for you! Taking charge of your good oral health is important and by performing a little dental-related research, be more than well prepared for any of your upcoming dental visits. Whether you already have your dental implant surgery scheduled or think implant surgery is in your near future when you are completely prepared you will feel much better about the overall process. When you are prepared, you will have a higher chance of a successful recovery.

How to prepare for dental implant surgery

Depending on the sedation a dental patient chooses determines whether they will need to fast before the surgery takes place. It may also require the patient taking any necessary medications before the surgical procedures performed, like antibiotics. Wearing comfortable clothes during the surgical process is recommended. Since the patient will not be able to drive after the surgery, someone needs to drive the patient home after the surgery has been completed.

What to do after dental implant surgery

Following the dentist’s instructions is essential to a successful recovery after getting dental implant surgery. There will be some amount of discomfort and/or pain and some of minimal bleeding. A cold pack can be used to help minimize any discomfort, pain or bleeding. Because the sutures often used during implant surgery will dissolve by themselves, there is no need to return to remove sutures.

The patient will need to rest to let his or her mouth heal, which includes not doing anything strenuous for at least a few days after the procedure has been performed. Because the mouth will be sore, eating soft foods for a few days is also recommended like soups, smoothies, fruits, vegetables and pasta. If there is much pain involved, over-the-counter medications can be taken. Patients can also discuss their pain needs with the dentist, who can prescribe a stronger pain relief option.

Ready to make an appointment?

Whether you need to make an appointment for dental implant surgery or have additional questions about dental surgeries, we ask that you contact us so we can help you. Our caring team of dental professionals are always available when our patients need us, so please never hesitate to contact us when you are experiencing any dental issue. While getting dental implants is a common option these days among patients who are missing one or more of their teeth, it is a process. We welcome any questions you may have about dental implants.

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